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See, this? This right here? This is why I need to blog.

My husband's ex-wife is hoping to move into this house when we move out. Which would be fine except that my backyard shares a fence with my parents' back yard. And my parents want to be good grandparents and would want to stay in touch with my stepson if at all possible.

But I don't want them getting cozy with my husband's ex-wife!!! I don't want her to be that much in my life! Part of the reason I'm okay with leaving is that I don't want her in my life anymore! Do you know how hard I've had to fight just to get her as far out of my life as she currently is? I DON'T WANT THIS!

But my stepson, who has trouble with bullies at school, has a lot of friends in our crescent. If he moved here, he'd get to see them all the time. He'd go to school with them, in a school where he doesn't have a history of bullying problems. As a kid who was bullied, I can't deny him that.

But... my husband's ex-wife! Talking to my family on a regular basis! Possibly about me! There are no words for how much I want this woman off my turf. But I guess even moving to another province isn't enough to make that happen.

And my husband won't stop talking about it. All he talks about anymore is this move. Which I want to do, really. But for him, it's going home. For me, it's jumping into the unknown. And feeling guilty for taking my stepson away from this neighborhood where he at least gets to be happy on weekends.

Looks like I can be happy, or everyone else can be happy. And I feel like a three-year-old, but that makes me angry.
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