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My husband is going away in a few days, and it's only just now starting to sink in. I love having the house to myself, but I'm not looking forward to this much house-to-myself. I'm not looking forward to cooking meals just for myself, and not having anyone to talk to.

My parents are going on vacation, but Matt is home for the summer and he will be around. We're both introvert-types, but we've always been content to just lurk about with our respective laptops and be companionably silent.

So much has been happening lately, I feel like I should just shut myself in an empty room for a day or so just to unwind. It's not that it's bad stuff... hello, new computer!... it's just that there's been so much of it. I feel like my blood has turned to caffiene. It's not a bad feeling, just so, so overwhelming.

Uploading CD's to my new computer right now. I haven't had a proper iTunes playlist in years. Mostly it has lived on Yvaine, my dear, battered little iPod. It feels strange to have a full-sized computer again.

It's strange just to write about stuff for the sake of writing about stuff. All the writing I've been doing for school and freelance is all very specific. It's strange not to have keywords, word counts, political correctness or a feminist perspective in mind, depending on who I'm writing for. I enjoy it all, even the stupid keywords, but I sometimes worry that I'm losing my own voice.
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