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Dave has found us a house in Abbotsford! Apparently it allows cats and has a decent-sized kitchen. Since I've been cooking in a cramped cubby-hole with no counter space or cupboard space for the last year and a half, this is a source of tremendous joy for me. It will be nice not to have to occasionally pause my meal preparations to shout "Sweetie??? I HATE THIS KITCHEN!!!"

It's also got enough rooms that I can have a library/office for lurking/reading/computering purposes. This is pretty much vital to me. I am never quite happy unless I have a room that is all mine, that I can shut other people out of if I need to.

Dave took a video of the new place. I couldn't see much from it but it looks quite nice. Dave says the back yard is a disaster because the landlord had to tear up a bamboo patch that tried to take over the universe. We get possession on August 4th, not the 1st, because the landlord needs to make a few repairs before we move in. Since I won't even be moving down there until the 15th, this isn't a problem.

...guys? I'm scared. I feel like I know how to handle it when things go wrong but I'm all at sea when things go right. It worries me when I have so much to lose. I mean, don't get me wrong. I can't get out of this stupid place fast enough. I want to make this move. I love my family but I'm sick of them breathing down my neck.

I'll be home again to see Nate come home from his mission. It'll be good to see him again, but I worry. His letters weren't him, they were just loads and loads of church-speak. The family environment will be even more intensely Mormon than usual, and I just don't wanna deal with it. I will deal with it, though. Nate is family. He delayed his mission so he could MC my wedding, so I can smile and be sociable and be there for him when he comes home. They're all family, and they didn't turn their backs on me when I changed my belief system. I won't turn my back on them, now or ever. I just wish I had someone to exchange pained glances with when things get intolerably... well, Mormon.

Why do I start yammering about church crap every time I try to write in LJ? I don't think about it that much, really.

...sigh. Going to pack up the kitchen today. Wish me luck.
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